In EPIROS we have three state-of-the-art production and packaging units for cheese products, in Ammotopos Artas in Epirus, in Elassona and in Domokos, which operate according to the highest safety and quality standards, producing and packaging a wide range of soft, semi-hard and hard traditional cheeses.
With the knowledge of tradition and continuous investments in technology, research and development, we guarantee the excellent quality and taste excellence of our products.

Manouri is a traditional PDO cheese from Greece, which is produced from 100% Greek sheep and goat milk. It belongs to the category of whey cheeses and is produced in Greece since antiquity.

It is a soft cheese with white color and creamy texture. It has a sweet and mild taste and a distinctive aroma. It is thought as “the excellent traditional whey cheese in Greece” by the “National Greek Milk Commission”.

Manouri is mostly served as a dessert accompanied by fruit, honey and nuts. It can be served plain, but it can also accompany traditional Greek foods as “mousaka”, stuffed vegetables and many others.
Also, Manouri can be used in salads, pies and sweets.


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