The company has come a long way since it was founded. In the forty years since 1974, its growth has been methodical, following a specific strategy; a dynamic team, inspired by the founders’ vision, continues to remain focused on the objectives and works hard to meet them.


In 1974, Pantelis Panteliadis and his wife Ourania find themselves faced with a critical decision to make concerning their future. Armed with their education – their studies in Vienna and Hamburg – and the knowledge and experience gained working in the food industry in Greece, they decide to found their own company. Their vision and aim is to become one of the country’s big companies in the food sector. Confident as they were they gave the company a confident name: OPTIMA. Thus, from a modest office in the Athens tower, began the story of this successful, Greek family business.


OPTIMA opens an office in Thessaloniki to assist its expansion, via representatives, to every single region in the country.


history_imgInitially, OPTIMA imports tinned meat and concentrated milk. In 1979 they make the move that has marked the company’s successful trajectory ever since: they shift their focus to cheese. Adoro and the now legendary Kerrygold are the first in the company’s ever-growing portfolio of brands. Kerrygold which nobody have ever heard of before, soon became one of Greek consumers’ most loved cheeses.


OPTIMA becomes a Société Anonyme.


The company continues to grow, and sets up Sales Departments and Distribution Centers in Northern Greece and in Crete.


history_img OPTIMA relocate to new offices and warehouses in the suburb of Metamorphosis just outside the center of Athens, where headquarters remain until today.
In the same year it brings a major change in the marketing of cheese, airing the first ever TV advertisement for cheese in the Greek market.


The paths of two significant companies meet when OPTIMA becomes the exclusive distributor of EPIROS products.


In 1997, EPIROS is acquired by OPTIMA. This marks the dawn of a new era of growth and recognition for Greek traditional cheeses worldwide.


The company dynamically enters the dairy cream market launching the Adoro range of creams.


2005, marks the launch of Dirollo; today the brand signs over 10 products which make it by far the most complete range of low-fat cheese on the market.


Exports to Cyprus begin; this has proved to be a highly successful initiative bringing OPTIMA to the first place in the local branded cheese category.


Successfully evaluating developing trends in the field of healthy nutrition, OPTIMA launch Logadi EPIROS, a traditional semi-hard cheese with a very rich taste and only 17% fat.


The Company’s warehouses are relocated to state-of-the-art facilities occupying 4,500 square meters in the area of Inofyta in Attica.


OPTIMA becomes the distributor of Talagani, a specialty hand-made cheese for grilling, produced in the village of Gargaliani in Messinia by a local cheese- producer; it has since shown signs of a promising future.


Talagani is now produced at the EPIROS plant following the traditional recipe.
Towards the end of the year, OPTIMA launches an especially tasty reduced-fat (10%) yellow cheese under the name “Adoro Light 10%”.


The youngest member of a long line of successful products is added to the EPIROS range: “EPIROS Oikogeniako”.


ΟPTIMA enters the confectionery market representing major international brands that produce the full spectrum of high-quality raw materials for the confectionery industry. A new business unit, OPTIMA PASTRY, is launched to this effect.