EPIROS cheeses are produced at a state-of-the-art production and packaging unit, in the region of Epirus, in Ammotopos, Arta.
Approximately 27,000 tons of sheep & goats’ milk is processed annually at EPIROS plant. The company’s production capacity and methods, its consistent investment in technology, research & development, plus an innovative spirit combined with in-depth knowledge and experience of tradition, guarantee the excellent quality of EPIROS products.

Feta is the best-known and most-consumed Greek cheese nowadays. Following several court cases against other European countries that were contesting the exclusivity in the production of Feta cheese, the European Union recognized Feta as a PDO (Protected Designation of origin) product, which means it can only be produced in Greece (in specific areas), using a specific cheese-making process that safeguards its high nutritional value and quality characteristics, that make it such a unique cheese.

EPIROS Feta is rich in nutritional ingredients and is distinguished by its characteristic flavor. White and aromatic, it can be eaten on its own with a piece of bread and a drizzle of olive-oil, in a Greek salad, in a variety of recipes or simply accompany several dishes.

Its unchanging characteristics such as the discreet aroma of the milk and the compact texture and fresh taste of the cheese, give EPIROS Feta its unique personality. It has won a total of fifteen (15) awards and distinctions in several European competitions and festivals since 2007, which means it’s the most awarded feta cheese in the world!

The awards EPIROS Feta has received are the following:

“Gold Award for Taste” at the taste competition for Greek cheeses
• Four top distinctions – 2 stars – by the independent international organization iTQi formed by distinguished chefs and tasters
The Golden European Award for Quality & Commercial Prestige awarded for high quality, innovation, customer satisfaction and the effort for continuous improvement.
Top Greek Cheese (2009 & 2013) & “Best Feta” – Golden Award (2013) at the Nantwich International Cheese Show, the biggest cheese festival in Europe.

EPIROS Feta, was the first feta in brine to be sold pre-packed in plastic containers in the Greek market.



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