EPIROS cheeses are produced at a state-of-the-art production and packaging unit, in the region of Epirus, in Ammotopos, Arta.
Approximately 25,000 tons of sheep & goats’ milk is processed annually at EPIROS plant. The company’s production capacity and methods, its consistent investment in technology, research & development, plus an innovative spirit combined with in-depth knowledge and experience of tradition, guarantee the excellent quality of EPIROS products.

EPIROS Goat Cheese is produced from 100% pure goat’s milk that grazes freely in the mountains of Epirus region and its main characteristics are its bright white color and strong spicy taste.

Exceptionally rich in nutrients, vitamins and calcium, it is easily digested, very beneficial to the human body and an excellent alternative for those who suffer from intolerance to cow or soya milk.

EPIROS Goat Cheese has received 3 awards at the bi-annual Greek Milk & Cheese Festival: a Gold Award for Taste in 2009 and 2016 and a Silver Award for Taste in 2011. Greek and foreign chefs and tasters evaluated the competing cheeses in a blind test.



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