In EPIROS we have three state-of-the-art production and packaging units for cheese products, in Ammotopos Artas in Epirus, in Elassona and in Domokos, which operate according to the highest safety and quality standards, producing and packaging a wide range of soft, semi-hard and hard traditional cheeses.
With the knowledge of tradition and continuous investments in technology, research and development, we guarantee the excellent quality and taste excellence of our products.

EPIRUS Triangle cheese with Graviera and with Kaseri combine the convenience of soft individual portions with the most popular Greek cheeses.

These are the soft cheese that will soften your heart with their delicious and rich taste.

They are a source of protein while also having a high content of calcium, making them the ideal snacking choice for the whole family.

Our favorite soft cheese is now also available in a light version for those looking for taste and a balanced diet.

Apart from being tasty and light, EPIROS Triangles Light also have important nutritional characteristics, as they have a high content of Protein and Calcium and like all EPIROS Triangles, they do not contain preservatives.