TALAGANI* is a traditional hand-made cheese for grilling, produced exclusively from sheep’s milk. Although it is ideal for grilling, it can also be cooked in a variety of creative ways.

Its composition allows it to maintain its characteristic strong, full flavor and aroma with a hint of spearmint when it is cooked on a grill or a non-stick pan. Most impressively, it cooks without melting, resulting in a soft, chewy texture with its shape intact.

TALAGANI cooks fast and easily and is perfect eaten on its own as an accompaniment to ouzo or raki, used in salads and snacks or as an ingredient for original recipes.

TALAGANI is a unique cheese with its own character that has won it 3 awards in national and international competitions to date. Famous chefs love it and it can be found on the menus of a growing number of restaurants around the country.

*TALAGANI gets its name from the traditional winter cape of Greek shepherds, the talagani.


*R.W: Random weight