Our strong distribution network: the “backbone” of all of Optima’s daily operations.

OPTIMA is one of the largest distributors of cheese products in Greece, trading over 35,000 tons each year.

Our distribution network covers most of mainland Greece, delivering to over 2,000 points of sale. Our fleet comprises of 16 of our own refrigerator trucks with a total capacity of 130 tons. In order to better organize and monitor our company fleet we have installed a telematics fleet management system for route and temperature control.

The human factor in our distribution network is of great importance; our Distribution Department numbers 50 employees who strive to deliver the best customer service to our clients.

Finally, our warehouses in Attica and Thessaloniki manage over 140 product codes; the list of codes is constantly renewed with new products introduced to cover contemporary nutrition trends and the developing needs of the market.