Kerrygold is one of the oldest brands of cheese in Greece. It became known with Regato Classic which was launched in 1979 and has since been a benchmark for quality and taste in hard cheese.

Kerrygold is produced in Ireland where rainfall is abundant; this factor accounts for excellent-quality grass that feeds the cows in small, family farms that on average have 60 animals each.

Kerrygold Imokilly Regato Classic has been a favorite of Greeks for over three decades. It introduced the Regato category to the Greek market and can be found practically at every cheese-selling point in Greece.

Kerrygold Imokilly Regato Classic’s traditional product attributes stem from Ireland, a country with a centuries-old tradition and strict specifications in cheese-making. The specific cheese is produced between March and October, from cow’s milk that comes exclusively from free-range cows that graze in fields in the South East of County Cork. Here the climate conditions are formed by the Gulf Stream and the specific grass give Kerrygold Imokilly Regato Classic its key characteristics of taste, color, texture and scent. These give Kerrygold Imokilly Regato Classic its PDO (Protected Destination of Origin) certification.

Due to the prolonged pasture period in County Cork the milk produced has a high content in B-carotene, a precursor to Vitamin A, that lends the cheese its characteristic golden-yellow color. Meanwhile the cheese contains a higher percentage of fatty acids that are responsible for Kerrygold Regato’s rich scent.

Kerrygold Imokilly Regato Classic has become an integral part of everyday cooking in the Greek household as it can be used in an endless number of recipes as well as be enjoyed as a table cheese. Sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, pizzas, soufflés, any cold or hot dish than needs cheese, can be made with Kerrygold Imokilly Regato Classic.



*R.W: Random weight