Optima means continuous growth as the years go by. See our financial data below.

Our growth is evident in the company’s financial data of past years. In 2016 our sales were 127,5 mio euro compared to 108,8 mio euro in 2015, having increased by 17.21%.


The company’s gross operating profits amounted to 16,8 mio euros in 2016 compared to 16,5 mio euros in 2015. This increase in gross operating profit was caused by changes in the sales mix.

The Administrative expenses were 1,8 mio euro in 2016 compared to 1,6 mio euro in 2015,increased by 13.18%.

The Operational expenses (distribution & marketing costs) were 7,8 mio euro in 2016, compared to 8,5 mio euro in 2015, reduced by 7,49%. This reduction is chiefly due to the curtailing of the advertising expenditure.

Earnings before tax (EBT) in 2016 were 10,1 mio euro, compared to 9,7 mio euro in 2015, increased by 4.20%.