In EPIROS we have three state-of-the-art production and packaging units for cheese products, in Ammotopos Artas in Epirus, in Elassona and in Domokos, which operate according to the highest safety and quality standards, producing and packaging a wide range of soft, semi-hard and hard traditional cheeses.
With the knowledge of tradition and continuous investments in technology, research and development, we guarantee the excellent quality and taste excellence of our products.

Feta PDO Reduced Salt is the traditional, authentic Greek feta. The only difference is that it contains 40% less salt than the original feta cheese.
Now, everyone can enjoy the delicious Greek feta, even if they follow a reduced salt diet.

Authentic Feta PDO with rich taste and aromas, and 40% less salt!!


World Health Organization (W.H.O.) suggests no more than 6g of daily salt intake. Nevertheless, in our days people consume more than 6g of salt every day. Sometimes the daily intake is even 10-12g!!!
According to researches, the 75% of daily salt intake comes from foods that already contain salt (e.g. chips, cereal, sauces, cheese, ready meals, sausages, etc.). Thus, the greater percentage of salt intake is “hidden” and most of the times we ignore it!!!
Most people are willing to reduce salt intake, but they find it hard to stop or reduce eating cheese!! Therefore, Epirus Feta PDO Reduced Salt is a delicious choice for everyone who wants to reduce their daily salt intake!