Kerrygold is one of the oldest brands of cheese in Greece. It became known with Regato Classic which was launched in 1979 and has since been a benchmark for quality and taste in hard cheese.

Kerrygold is produced in Ireland where rainfall is abundant; this factor accounts for excellent-quality grass that feeds the cows in small, family farms that on average have 60 animals each.

Kerrygold Regato Smoked has all the attributes of Kerrygold Regato Classic along with a fine, smoked taste and it is the only smoked Regato cheese on the Greek market.

It is smoked naturally, without additives, using a mixture of oak and beech wood. The cheeses are placed in an oven, on a grate, few at a time, where they remain for 8 hours. Smoking gives it a rich brown color and one can see the marks of the grate in its underside.

After coming out of the oven it is stored for at least three month so that the smoked flavor can reach the core of the cheese. The outside can be eaten as it is 100% natural.

Kerrygold Regato Smoked is great when served with red wine, gives recipes a unique taste – pasta, pizza, melted over French fries – and is the ideal cheese for those who prefer a special, rich and spicy flavor.