Dirollo is a range of top quality low-fat cheese products that retain their rich taste and cover every nutritional preference.

Dirollo brand is an invaluable partner to those looking for a balanced diet. It encourages the inclusion of cheese in a daily diet plan, which provides useful ingredients to human body while significantly reducing the intake of saturated fats and cholesterol.

All Dirollo products are produced from cow’s milk.

The first low fat (14%) grated cheese-mix in Greece that offers great, rich taste.

Dirollo Cheese Mix combines ready-grated Dirollo Classic, Dirollo Cheddar, Dirollo Emmental and Regato Light; it is the combination of these three cheeses that gives the mix its superior taste.

All three cheeses are produced from skimmed cow’s milk.

The mix is sold in a 200g sachet at the pre-packed cheese cooler in all major supermarkets.