Dirollo is a range of top quality low-fat cheese products that retain their rich taste and cover every nutritional preference.

Dirollo brand is an invaluable partner to those looking for a balanced diet. It encourages the inclusion of cheese in a daily diet plan, which provides useful ingredients to human body while significantly reducing the intake of saturated fats and cholesterol.

All Dirollo products are produced from cow’s milk.

Dirollo Cottage has the richest flavor and the lowest fat content (only 2.2%) in the cottage cheese category.

Cream is skimmed from the cow’s milk in order to produce this cheese; removing the fat from the milk results in a cheese product with a high content in protein but low in fat. This cheese is appropriate for vegetarians as it does not contain animal rennet, the ingredient that is added to milk during the cheese-making process.

It is the ideal ingredient for salads, can replace feta in the classic Mediterranean “dakos” snack of tomatoes and cheese on a rusk and can be enjoyed as a dessert served with honey. It also behaves perfectly when added to other recipes (without being cooked). If whisked well it can replace cream-cheese in most sweet recipes.