Katiki Domokou Oreines Plagies is a secret recipe that has been leaked across the generations, from mouth to mouth.

This fresh, white and creamy cheese with its unique texture, pleasant flavor, encloses the authentic taste of Greece! Deriving from the Domokos area, makes everyone adore it from the first bite!
Katiki Domokou Oreines Plagies is an authentic Greek P.D.O. product. This traditional recipe from Domokos enriches our plates with a superior taste!
Ideal for healthy nutrition, as it balances rich flavor and creamy texture with less fat (only 13%)!
Use Katiki Domokou Orines Plagies in the kitchen and get inspired with its plenty of usages:
Serve it as a dressing in salads, as an ingredient in mouth-watering recipes and in delicious desserts, spread it on bread, or even enjoy it plain on its own!