ADORO is one of the oldest dairy brands in the Greek market, with a broad range of products that includes butter, cheese, dairy cream, evaporated and UHT milk.

This broad range of products combined with excellent quality and affordable prices make ADORO stand out, enjoying high levels of awareness and sales, year after year.

ADORO evaporated milk has a high nutritional value and is rich in calcium. It can be tasted hot or cold and is ideal with coffee.

The range includes evaporated milk in an innovative, hygienic 500g carton with a safety cap and in individual portions. The 500 g carton contains 22% more product than a regular can and is environmentally friendly as it can be easily crushed and recycled. Individual portions are sold in a net-bag that contains 10 portions.



ADORO UHT Milk is available in two types, full (3.5% fat) and semi-skimmed (1.5% fat), in a carton with an easy-to-use cap.

Rich is calcium, it can be enjoyed hot or cold, is ideal with coffee and can also be used for cooking, in sweet and savory recipes.