PreGel is the fruit of a lifetime of work by an entire family that started out in a small town in Emilia Romagna, yet has managed to make a mark on the entire world.
It all begins in 1967 in Scandiano, Emilia-Romagna, when Dr. Luciano Rabboni and his wife start a small business that produces artisanal products for gelato and pastry shops. Laying the foundations of what, years later, would become a veritable institution in the gelato and pastry industry, they decide to call the company PreGel, short for “preparati per gelato” which means “ready gelato ingredients.”
Today, after almost half a century, Dr. Luciano Rabboni, President of PreGel with his sons Vittorio and Dario, and the help of all his employees, continues to successfully lead the company which stands internationally as a benchmark enterprise in innovative gelato products, new gelato flavour creations and successful food technologies for gelato, pastry, frozen yogurt and coffee shops.

The Base is the fundamental product for producing high-quality artisanal gelato, as it creates the underlying structure of gelato.

To obtain gelato with ideal characteristics in terms of volume, sweetness, structure and creaminess, the mixture must be balanced correctly. PreGel’s bases offer an already balanced mixture in terms of sugars, fats, NFMS (nonfat milk solids) and other solids. The gelato chef simply adds liquid ingredients and sugar as needed to the base. Our bases ensure consistent quality, simplicity and speed in production, and provide an opportunity for customization.
The bases include milk and water bases (for hot and cold process), fruit gelato bases, chocolate gelato bases, bases for light gelato, bases for soya gelato and bases for alcohol gelato.

Hot process bases


Cold process bases


Bases for hot and cold process


Light bases with Stevia


Vegan bases


Fruit Gelato Bases

PreGel’s Fruit Bases are ideal for the preparation of fruit sorbets with fresh or creamy texture. All Fruit Bases are created using the cold process which is a quicker preparation than hot process since pasteurization is not required.


Neutrals, Texture improvers and Stabilizers
PreGel Neutrals are powdered products that help stabilize, thicken and emulsify gelato bases.
The Texture Improvers and Stabilizers improve gelato structure by enhancing its creaminess, scoopability and hold in the display case. They are made to customize the bases with a low dosage, and allow gelato chefs to create customized recipes.


Cold Processing Assorted Flavors
This line of products includes a variety of concentrated powder products that serve as flavorings for gelato.They blend well in cold process bases, making them perfect for the quick preparation of high volumes.