For 130 years, Weiss has maintained a heady passion for chocolate.
As the first confectioner to blend beans from different origins, Eugene Weiss redefined chocolate, creating unique flavors and inventing the brand’s hallmark, Le Haut Chocolat®. Thanks to Weiss’s expertise in chocolate creation and in-depth knowledge of each region, Weiss is able to define the perfect combinations and thus create unique chocolate couvertures that respond to customers’ needs.
Weiss is constantly seeking exceptional and original aromas, and has become an expert in blending different cocoa beans all over the world capturing the authenticity, enhancing the aromatic profile and revealing the individual potential of each origin.
Weiss has also established as the international benchmark for praline, with its inimitable signature flavor of lightly toasted almonds from Valencia and Marcona from Spain and hazelnuts Roman and Piedmont PDO* from Italy.
Recently achieved national recognition, when Chocolat Weiss was awarded the “Entreprise duPatrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company) label by the French state, which recognizes French companies for their traditional expertise and craftsmanship.

Li Chu 64%

Single Origin Vietnam
Fresh and spicy
Li Chu reveals light reddish tints that make it stand out from other couvertures. Its forthright chocolate taste offers notes of vanilla and nut with a touch of licorice. These then give way to fresh and acidulated notes ensuring length in the mouth.